Stone Analysis


Our stone analysis service uses modern Infra red Fourier Transform techniques and includes the following:

  • Semi quantitative results which are clearly presented
  • Visual record of the original stone with weight, dimensions and size.
  • Scans are compared to a database of over 25,000 compounds.


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 Stone Analysis


Clinical Biochemistry, City Hospital Birmingham

Specimen Type:

Stone as sent to the laboratory from the operating theatre.


Room temperature

Posting Details:

First class post

Posting Address:

Department of Clinical Biochemistry, City Hospital, Dudley Road, Birmingham B18 7QH

Clinical Use:

To help in the diagnosis and treatment of stone disease


Our Infra Red Fourier Transform techniques linked to our extensive database offers detailed information on the content of the stone

Special Details:

We include a visual record as part of our report

Cost 35.00


5 working days or less

External QA Scheme:


CPA Accredited Lab/Test:



Key Contact:

Alexandra Thurston - Postle


Tel: 0121 507 3441

Head of Department:

Dr Jonathan Berg









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