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About Our Laboratory

Our Serology Laboratory is part of our large Clinical Microbiology Department at SWBH NHS Trust. We are a major teaching hospital in Birmingham and the Black Country. We offer comprehensive services to our hospital and community. A UKAS accredited laboratory. Our services are overseen by Consultant Microbiologists.
Blood Borne Virus Screening •	In recent years we have developed services for those needing to screen for blood borne viruses. This includes high risk enclosed communities in the UK. •	We test for the major blood borne viruses, HIV, Hepatitis B and C. •	Clear interpretation is offered with consultant support as required.

Our Blood Spot Technology

We provide a kit which includes everything you need to take a sample and return it to us. Our in-house design of blood spot device  allows you take the sample and immediately send it by first class post to our laboratory. Turn round time is 2-3 working days. Electronic reporting means that we can offer an excellent turn round.

The Importance of Blood Borne Virus Testing

Serology Laboratory Email:  ; Tel: 0121 507 4261 New Business Enquiries: Email: ; Raj Garcha 0121 507 5348

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Address: Serology Laboratory,  City Hospital, Dudley Road, Birmingham,  B18 7QH Email:

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Early detection of blood borne viruses, particularly Hepatitis C, is important for improved patient outcome and preventing disease transmission, especially in enclosed communities such as prisons. The rapid turnover of prisoners requires a simple and convenient approach to screen quickly with minimal risks of sharp injuries. Conventional screening with venepuncture is simply not viable in these situations. Organisations such as Public Health England, NHS England the National Offender Management Service recommend adopting dried blood spot testing to improve update of screening in secure units.

Ordering Test Kits

You can order test kits by phone or email Test packs are individually wrapped and contain everything you need to take a sample Prices: £25 per kit Email orders to: ; Raj Garcha 0121 507 5348