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We offer a TPMT activity assay service to UK laboratories and also take referrals from outside the UK. Our TPMT assay carries the CE mark and has been registered with the MHRA.  Deficient results are confirmed in our DNA laboratory. We provide a service rather than an assay. We have clear policies for analysing samples for genotype - for example any patient details where an indication that blood products have already been given is analysed for TPMT activity and also genotype studies. We continue to invest in this service to enable us to meet demand and keep to our 1 day turn round, electronic reporting is available.
Download a copy of our April 2019 Pathology News. It contains a comprehensive list of all our assays along with turn round times and prices.
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Thiopurine S-Methyl Transferase (TPMT)


Download our clinical  user information leaflet. It provides you with key detailed information about our assay including reference ranges.
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