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July 2014
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April 2014
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SWBH Legal High

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SWBH Pathology TV News

We now have a SWBH Pathology TV News You Tube channel. We have a monthly feature giving details of our statistics for legal highs. We have also been producing a range of videos looking at various aspects of our service. To view the channel please click here...

SWBH Pathology TV News SWBH Pathology TV News SWBH Pathology TV News
October Toxiology Monthly Legal Highs SWBH Path TV News September Toxicology Special SWBH Path Tv News E-Cig Special
SWBH Path TV News Pervect Oral Fluid Sample SWBH Pathology TV News SWBH Pathology TV News Legal Highs


Legal High Service Update

New Repertoire for Drugs of Abuse Screening Oral Fluid & Urine

We are the only UK clinical laboratory that offers a legal high service and we take referral samples from across the UK. If you would like to help us create awareness please download our informaiton sheet and circulate by email or any other means here...

Substances Added To Repertoire


What You Get

LC-MS/MS Drug Screen

25 test profile including 5 key "legal highs"


1,300 test screen looking for drugs and metabolites including 130 legal highs

Unknown Srug Screen

Both the above and futher tests on DAD and GC as appropriate

 Repertoire changes reflect current legal highs on sale in the UK. We are seeing positive samples from patients presenting having used legal high smoking products containing AKB-48, 5F-AKB-48 and STS-135 on a daily basis. MPA and ethylphenidate we see particlarly in many patients taking legal high powder and tablets.

For detailed enquiries about our Toxicology service please Email:  or Telephone: 0121 507 4138.



Legal High Game Over Video

We have been helping with a campaign to create public awareness about the challenging issues with legal high use in the UK at the present time. See the you tube video Legal High Game Over here.....


This somewhat hard hitting short film features BBC Television Presenter Kay Alexander along with our very own Consultant Clinical Biochemist Dr Jonathan Berg, Dirty Sanchez and Birmingham & Solihull Senior Coroner Louise Hunt.

SWBH Legal High Game Over


E-Cig Refill Research Chemicals Sold in UK "Head Shops"

Current substances being sold as research chemicals by "head shops" include a number of products where chemicals with cannabis-like (THCs) receptor activity have been added to plant material, which may then be smoked or taken in some other way.

5p-AKB-48 and AKB-48 vapor refill SWBH Toxicology

SWBH Biochemistry staff purchase a vapour refill in a Birmingham "head shop" which contained the active ingredients AKB-48 and 5F-AKB-48, confirmed by LC-QTOF.

Of great concern are "research chemicals" on sale in Birmingham in the form of e-cigarette (vapour) refills.  We have previously received vapour devices for analysis but this is the first direct evidence that shops as well as internet sites are stocking these products. The use of vapour devices for drug delivery other than nicotine and "juice" is potentially a very big area of concern and is featured on our latest You Tube video.....


2014 Pathology News to Referral Labs

Our annual Pathology News  to laboratories to those that refer work to us. Inlcudes audit data and special features including

  • New toxicology services
  • Audit of the TPMT service
  • Immunology services provided to other laboratories
  • Updated turn round times and pricing for the coming year

Printed copies should come to all laboratories or you can download here.....

pathology news city assays

Urine Drugs of Abuse Service

Toxicology SWBH Drugs of Abuse Service

Rachel Jones and Andy Whiles are part of the team delivering our new urine Drugs of Abuse Service


On Monday 13 January 2014 we are moved to our new drugs of abuse testing service. All samples received from that date have been analysed using our new LC-MS/MS methods. Please note:

  • The new standardised prices for the range of tests offered is 20. This gives a significant saving to those who send us samples for confirmation.

  • Cannabis: If required this needs to be separately requested as it is not part of our new urine drugs of abuse service and is prices at 7.


Ethylene Glycol and Diethylene Glycol

Our Toxicology Laboratory offers a service for plasma ethylene glycol and diethylene glycol. During working hours turn round is 2 hours. Out of normal working hours and at weekends we try and provide a service but this depends on staff availability, you can discuss these requirements with the Consultant Biochemist On-Call through the SWBH Switchboard (Tel: 0121 554 3801).  Further details including downloadable address label...


Trace Elements Laboratory

Dr Nicola Barlow has now taken over as our lead for the Trace Elements service. You can contact Nicola at Email: Tel: 0121 507 3737


Infliximab Service Available to Everyone...

We are pleased to announce that our new Infiliximab therapeutic drug monitoring service is now available for hospitals around the country to refer their samples. This service comprises:

Infliximab serum levels and anti-infliximab antibodies testing

  • Serum Infliximab
  • Anti-Infliximab antibodies

Please see our Infliximab test page on this service where you can also download our user information leaflet. Go to Infliximab page...

Vitamin D Dried Blood Spot Public Service

Our direct to the public service for serum 25-hydroxy Vitamin D based on dried blood spots has been running since July 2011. This service is available to UK and overseas members of the public click here....


Vitamin D on my iphone

If you would like to undertake the test please click here......


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