Classic Drugs of Abuse Screening & Street Highs Screening: Urine


This service is developed specifically for clinical use. We use LC-MS/MS detection.  Four pieces of information are used for drug identification:

  • Target retention time
  • Quantifier multiple reaction monitoring
  • Qualifier multiple reaction monitoring
  • Target Quantifier and Qualifier ion ratio




 Urine Drugs of Abuse



Specimen Type:



4ºC prior to dispatch

Posting Details:

First Class Post

Posting Address:

Department of Clinical Biochemistry, City Hospital, Birmingham, B18 7QH

Clinical Use:

Screening for Drugs of Abuse


Screen and confirmation all in one. Looks for new "street highs" as well as classic drugs of abuse.

Special Details:

Sender responsible for ensuring sample collected appropriately.


1 - 2 working days

CPA Accredited Lab/Test:

Full Accreditation

Key Contact:

Dr Loretta Ford
Tel: 0121 507 6026

Professor Jonathan Berg
Tel : 0121 507 5353

Rachel Griffiths
Tel: 0121 507 6024








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