Toxicology Laboratory

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Our Toxicology Laboratory is part of the Clinical Biochemistry Department at SWBH NHS Trust. We offer referral services for a number of specialist services with most NHS laboratories in the UK using one or more of our services. Results can be sent direct into your laboratory computer or by secure PDF attached to an email. We work with prison services around the country in areas of substance misuse and also blood spot serology screening.
Drugs of Abuse Service 	Urine and Oral Fluid samples are used to look for a panel of classic and  newer abused chemicals which now includes commonly misused prescription drugs. 	Problems of immunoassay  are overcome with LC-MS/MS. 	This is a clinical and not a legal service, though we also have a service with chain of custody and tamper proof sample containers.  	Definitive results first time with no expensive confirmations required. 	Turn round - 1 working day.

Unknown Drug Screen

We look for over 1,300 drugs and metabolites on our LC-QTOF analyser. Includes over 300 legal highs with more added as we come across them in materials sent to us. As well as urine and oral fluid we can analyser tablets, powers and smoking products. This service offers qualitative and not quantitative results. Service includes detailed clinical interpretation. Turn round - 1 working day.

Getting to Know Us

Toxicology Laboratory Email:  ; Tel: 0121 507 4138 New Business Enquiries: Email: ; Raj Garcha 0121 507 5348

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Address: Clinical Biochemistry Department, SWBH NHS Trust, City Hospital Birmingham, B18 7QH Email:

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Drugs of Abuse Service - Current Panel

Drug   Cut - Off     Drug   Cut - Off     Drug   Cut - Off   Morphine   10 ng/mL     Amphetamine   200 ng/mL     Etizolam   2 ng/mL   Codeine   50 ng/mL     Methamphetamine   200 ng/mL     Zopiclone   5 ng/mL   Dihydrocodeine   50 ng/mL     MDMA   200 ng/mL     Pregabalin   500  ng/mL   Heroin ( 6MAM )   10 ng/mL     Mephedrone   10 ng/mL     Gabapentin   500 ng/mL   Methadone   250 ng/mL     Diazepam   2 ng/mL     Mirtazapine   5 ng/mL   EDDP   75 ng/mL     Nordiazepam   2 ng/mL     Promethazine   5 ng/mL   Buprenorphine   2 ng/mL     Oxazepam   2 ng/mL     Quetiapine   5 ng/mL   Nor buprenorphine   2 ng/mL     Temazepam   2 ng/mL     Ketamine   10 ng/mL   Fentanyl   2 ng/mL     Lorazepam   2 ng/mL     Thebaine   2 ng/mL   Tramadol   50 ng/mL     Clonazepam   2 ng/mL     Cannabis   50 ng/mL   Cocaine (BZE)   100 ng/mL     Alprazolam   2 ng/mL

Screening for 6 Synthetic Cannabinoids (NOIDS) in Blood

A new service aiming to help with the serious clinical issues associated with the key synthetic cannabinoids (NOIDS) with common clinical presentations including: Reduced consciousness with marked respiratory suppression Severe agitation and psychosis Recurrent seizures and cardiac arrhythmias We have recently sent a letter out to all UK laboratories about this new service - download here….